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Top Global ENS Names

Jul 21, 2022 | Crypto Tools

The market for ENS Domains (.eth) has been going wild over the past year. Much like the .com rush, people have been acquiring their names, handles, company names and anything else they fancy.

Why? A .eth domain is your identity in the future of web. No more usernames, passwords and verified accounts. You own the wallet, you’re anonymous, and no one is farming your data.

The market for .eth names is going to be huge.
So InCrypto Hub has developed an ENS tool to rank the global popularity of last names. Every day 20 new names will be added, with the aim to rank 10,000 last names.

The global popularity of the names has been verified using LinkedIn as a database. While this data may not be completely true to life, LinkedIn best represents the professional market in the digital age.

View the ENS Names Tool here