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We Provide Crypto Private Tuition to Help you Navigate the Cryptocurrency Market.

For those new to Cryptocurrency the prospect of taking your first step can be very intimidating. We are here to hold your hand through that process and give you the confidence to make investments in the blockchain space with the peace of mind that comes with sound knowledge.

There has seldom been an opportunity in history to rival the profits that will be made in the Crypto space over the next decade and if you are reading this you are still early.

Private Tuition

Your Gateway to Crypto

Your gateway to crypto

We offer private crypto lessons tailored to your level of understanding, whether its a complete beginner, or intermediate level.

Knowing how to identify the opportunities and pitfalls in crypto investing can be the difference between success and failure.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive course, we are also offering a 2 day crypto bootcamp for those who want learn about the world of crypto. Fast.



Learn how to set up your accounts on major exchanges, deposit funds and access trading pairs.

trading cryptocurrency


Spot orders, limit orders, fees, wallets, gas prices, when to trade and much more.

cryptocurrency security


Understanding and managing your own security in cryptocurrency is essential.

risk management

Risk Management

Minimise your potential for loss with proven market approaches and profit taking strategies.

cryptocurrency staking & farming

Staking & Farming

Put your portfolio to work to generate yield like no other investment industry.

coin research

Coin Research

Learn to identify new trends that are changing the face of the industry and get in early.


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