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LTO Network

  • Live from: Q1 2019


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LTO Network is a Fair Leased Proof of Stake hybrid blockchain. LTO consists of a private and public network to make the system more flexible and applicable for almost every use case. This hybrid blockchain was created as a platform for securing, verifying and exchanging critical information whilst maintaining data privacy and GDPR compliance. Both Digitization and automation via smart contracts will allow users to reduce administrative costs and human error inputting while making collaboration between businesses cheaper and faster.

  • The hybrid nature of the LTO Network has made it the first blockchain to have data privacy, GDPR compliance and bring together the corporate and blockchain communities.
  • LTO has a strong business strategy and marketing plan. In contrast to many other blockchain projects they have a legitimate business model and are refreshingly transparent.
  • LTO is highly scalable and ready for mass adoption. It is already in the top 20 most active blockchains.
  • Credible partners and investors including: IBM, The Hague University and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.


  • Questionable if LTO needs to be decentralised, as it could still be successful if openly centralised.
  • The issuing of the LTO ECR-20 tokens to just have a tradeable asset versus the staking asset which could result in LTO ERC-20 token being seen as a security by the SEC.


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