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Bitcoin Charts

Top charts for bitcoin market analysis

CBBI Bitcoin Bull Run Index

CBBI Bull Run Index

The ColinTalksCrypto Bitcoin Bull Run Index combines data from 12 top Bitcoin metrics to give a % ‘confidence we are at the peak’.

Bitcoin Rainbow Price Chart

Bitcoin “Rainbow” Chart

Long term price movements in Bitcoin following a logarithmic regression.

Bitcoin Investor Tool chart

Bitcoin Investor Tool

Moving averages as indicators for when to buy and sell.

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Pi Cycle Top Indicator

Pi Cycle Top Indicator

Where the 111 Day Moving Average crosses a 2x multiple of the 350 Day Moving Average.

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Bitcoin google trend graph

Bitcoin Google Trend

A good indicator for public interest

200 Week Moving Average Heatmap chart

200 Week Moving Average

Bitcoin’s price historically bottoms out around the 200 week moving average.

Relative Unrealised Profit Loss chart

Relative Unrealised Profit/Loss

Investor sentiment measured in Bitcoin holdings vs selling to realise profits or losses.

Bitcoin Dominance TradingView

Bitcoin Dominance

Bitcoin’s relative market share against altcoins.

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Bitcoin Golden Ratio Multiplier chart

Golden Ratio Multiplier

An indicator for bitcoin price resistance levels

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bitcoin shorts chart

Bitcoin Shorts

See the volume of bitcoin shorts

Bitcoin Stock to Flow Model chart

Stock-to-Flow Model

Bitcoin’s increasing scarcity as an influence on price.

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BTC vs Fear & Greed Index

See the fear & greed levels alongside BTC

Pi Cycle Bottom Bitcoin Chart

Pi Cycle Bottom Indicator

Where the 150-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) crosses below the 471 Simple Moving Average (SMA) *0.745