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Blockchain Scoreboard

Behind the scores


Transactions Per Second – Each blockchain has a capability for processing a maximum number of transactions per second.

The InCrypto scoreboard gives each blockchain a rating, based on the slowest to fastest. Currently Bitcoin is the slowest, with an average TPS around 5 and newer blockchains are developing TPS rates in the hundreds of thousands.

Transaction Speeds

Transaction speed measures how long it takes for an individual transaction, or transfer of data across the blockchain.

Blockchains with transaction speeds of less than a second receive maximum points on the scoreboard. Points are then allocated in categories from 1-9 seconds, 10-59 seconds, 60-199 seconds and 200+ seconds.

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency evaluates how expensive it is for a user to process transactions over the blockchain.

We award maximum points for transactions costing between $0.001 – $0.0099. Minimum points are awarded for blockchains with transaction costs $10 and above.

Energy Efficiency

Blockchains use energy in a variety of ways depending on how they work. Low energy consumption is favourable as it lowers costs, is more scalable and is far better for the environment.

The scoreboard awards maximum points for blockchains with energy consumption below 0.049 Kwh. The lowest points are awarded where energy consumption is over 100 Kwh.