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Essential tools for crypto trading and investing


Charting and analysis tools for a wealth of global markets.

Insightful Bitcoin charts and valuation tools using market cycles and on-chain analysis.

A database of crypto assets, data insights, pricing and research.

Price & Stats

Crypto assets with live data on price and analysis such as market cap, trading volume and more.

Crypto assets with live data on price and analysis such as market cap, trading volume and more.

Live price data and charts for crypto assets trading on decentralised exchanges.

Live price data and charts for crypto assets trading on decentralised exchanges.


Crypto investment tracker for mobile, also compatible with a wide variety of stocks, funds, ETFs and indices. Record your investments and recieve notifications of major price changes.

Cryptocurreny tracking app with trading functionality, which allows you to monitor your portfolio as well as perform trades. 


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Discover and analyse thousands of ranked dapps built on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Terra and many more.

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Key data on Dapps including category, supporting blockchain, number of users, volume processed and level of activity.


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OpenSea is an NFT marketplace. Connect a wallet to buy, sell and auction NFT’s.

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Dune Analytics

Live OpenSea trading data on Dune Analytics

Discover, analyse and track NFT’s in real time.

The InCrypto Hub ranking system for global Last Names as ENS domains.

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Search for land in the Metaverse. View NFT land available to buy in an expanding list of worlds.

NFT’s ranked and sorted by rarity.


NFT Timeline

An extensive timeline of key NFT projects from 2011 to present.

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NFTGO is a comprehesive NFT data platform that helps identify new projects and trends.

NFT Stats

NFT Stats

Best selling NFTs, Market insights & NFT trends.



An NFT data aggregator connected to a variety of marketplaces, including values, rarity, scarcity, history, activity and more.
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NFT Bank

Track a portfolio of NFT’s using a wallet address as well as a range of NFT analysis tools.

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Sea Launch

Sealaunch.xyz is a discovery platform for NFT pre-sales & giveaways.


The Web3 Index

The Web3 Index

The Web3 Index reports on the fees being paid into Web3 networks, which showcases real usage. 



Akashlytics provides data on its decentralised cloud computing network
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Connect your wallet for a personalised breakdown of Web3 activity including token holdings, deposits, staking, farming and NFTs.

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Blocktivity aim to provide the maximum raw data possible from a wide variety of blockchains.


CoinMarketCal is a calendar for upcoming crypto events such as new exchange listings, coin launches and burn events.

Coindar is a cryptcurrency and blockchain events calendar.

ICOdrops lists information about upcoming & active token sales including project stats and whitelist applications.



Use Earnifi to check for unclaimed airdrops to your wallet address, and get notified of new airdrops.

DeFi Tracker

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A Web3 dashboard. Track and visualise your DeFi assets across Protocols, Networks and NFT’s.

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Ape Board Finance

Ape Board

Cross-chain DeFi portfolio tracker using your wallet address.

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Manage your entire DeFi portfolio.

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Staking Rewards

Data provider for yield-bearing cryptocurrencies and top staking returns, with a staking calculator to estimate the return on your investment.


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Ultra Sound Money

Ultra Sound Money tracks the decrease of the ETH supply, when more is destroyed via fee burn, than is created in issuance.

Social Sentiment

LunaCrush is a tool for social sentiment. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to draw useful crypto insights from a wide range of sources.