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A Web3 Ecosystem Powered by Jade

Dec 5, 2022 | DeFi, Web3

Jade City is a Web3 Ecosystem of dApps designed around the tokenisation of Jadeite, the precious mineral and gemstone.

The Jadeite (one highly valued form of Jade) is being bought and locked into secure vaults, where it will underpin the value of tokens and NFT’s on the Jade City platform.

Jade Vault is the UK-based Company who are building and providing the inventory of processed (and ethically sourced) Jadeite.

Jade City NFTs

The platform is also offering the opportunity to purchase Jade products as NFTs, where you have the option to receive the physical item, providing an authentication method and provenance solution to an industry that is saturated with products pretending to be real.

Emperor's Emporium Jade City

Jade City is presently in an early stage of development and aims to go live in Q2 2024.

As Jade City grows it will evolve into an entire blockchain-powered Jadeite Economy.

Jade City will be the first platform where Jadeite can not only be safely traded and stored, but users will also be able to earn, play, and shop using tokenised physical Jadeite while also taking part in the governance of the virtual City.

The Jadeites NFT Citizens

In order to gain access to Jade City and all the future benefits, citizenship must also be obtained through ownership of a Jadeite Tribe NFT.

The mint date is yet to be announced but you find out more on their website jadecity.io and social media.