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Add Polygon Network to MetaMask

Nov 17, 2021 | MetaMask

Use the following settings to add Polygon Network to MetaMask. The steps below walk you through every step.

Polygon Network Details

Network Name: Polygon
New RPC Url: https://polygon-rpc.com
ChainID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL: https://polygonscan.com/

Step 1:

Open MetaMask with the icon in your browser

open metamask

Step 2:

Select the Ethereum Mainnet button at the top. This is the default setting.

metamask ethereum mainnet

Step 3:

Select Custom RPC at the bottom of the list.

metamask select custom RPC

Step 4:

Enter the Polygon Network details from above and save.

Add Polygon Network to MetaMask

Alternative Method

There is a tool called Chainlist which automatically connects your MetaMask to all compatible networks for the desktop browser.

1. Go to Chainlist
2. Connect to your wallet
3. Search for the chain
4. Add to MetaMask

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