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How to add custom tokens to MetaMask

Dec 8, 2021 | MetaMask

By default your MetaMask wallet will show the balance of ETH in your wallet. However you can keep a wide range of tokens in your MetaMask Ethereum wallet, if they’re compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. These are called ERC20 tokens and they’re developed using Ethereum technology.

Exactly the same concept applies if you’re using MetaMask to connect to Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche Network, Polygon Network or any other blockchain. You can use this method to add Custom Tokens so they appear in your wallet.

Firstly there are a couple of things to know. When adding Custom Tokens to your MetaMask wallet, all you are really doing is making them visible. If you add a Custom Token and there are none in your wallet, your balance will appear as 0. If you delete the Custom Token, you’re not deleting any coins, you’re simply hiding visibility of your balance in your wallet.

So how do we add custom tokens to our wallet?

The first method is to use CoinGecko.

When you go to the token page on CoinGecko there is an Info section where you will find the Contract Address. In many cases there is a MetaMask fox icon which you can click to automatically sync the token details to your MetaMask wallet. Make sure you’re connected to the right blockchain network in your MetaMask extension before clicking the icon. For example, if you’re adding an Ethereum based token, you will need to be connected to the Ethereum blockchain using the dropdown button at the top of your browser wallet.

CoinGecko Contract address

The second method is also on CoinGecko, but what if there’s no MetaMask fox to click?

Well you can copy the Contract Address and enter it manually.

Copy the address of the token you want to add and then open up your wallet. At the bottom of the wallet you’ll see a link for ‘import tokens’. Open this link and then switch the tab to Custom Token. Now paste the address into the ‘Token Contact Address’ box.

You should see the Token Symbol and Token Decimal appear automatically, and the Add Custom Token button should highlight. Now you can click through to add and import the token into your wallet.

The third method is using the blockchain explorer. For an Ethereum based token you can use Etherscan. You can find links to all the other top blockchain explorers here.

Navigate to the token page which you are looking to add. You can do this by searching the name or clicking the Explorer link on CoinGecko. In the example of Uniswap on Etherscan it would be: https://etherscan.io/token/0x1f9840a85d5af5bf1d1762f925bdaddc4201f984

Now find the Contract address for the token in the Profile Summary box and copy the long string. This can be pasted into your MetaMask wallet in the same was as Method 2.

Etherscan Contract Address