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How to Reset MetaMask with a Stuck or Pending Transaction

Dec 10, 2021 | MetaMask

Occasionally you may feel like you’re stuck in limbo with MetaMask. You submitted a transaction and it says waiting or pending and nothing seems to happen. You may have tried to cancel the transaction and now it’s pending a cancellation as well.

This can happen for a number of reasons. Your MetaMask wallet will queue up transactions and if something fails due to a price movement or communication error, you may simply get into a backlog of requests.

So how do you reset MetaMask after your transactions fail to process?

  1. Go into your Settings by selecting your Account button in the top right
  2. Then select Advanced
  3. Scroll down to Reset Account and select the button
  4. Confirm in the popup

If you navigate back to the main screen of your wallet and select the Activity tab it should be totally clear. Now you can attempt to process the transaction and it should go through successfully.